Allesley Properties is a UK Company based in Coventry, dedicated to the creation of top quality affordable villas in Calabria, an amazing, undiscovered part of Italy. John Holden the UK based Managing Director and Eduardo Giordanelli the Florence based Project Manager have worked together for more than 20 years and take pride in their involvement in the Cetraro community, a place of Eduardo’s childhood upbringing.

On site in Calabria is an experienced team of professionals ready to support and assist in ensuring that your Caparrua experience is everything you expect and desire.

The Allesley Properties Team

Allesley Properties Ltd – UK Registered,
1-2 Mercia Business Village,
Coventry CV4 8HX.
Managing Director: John Holden
Tel: 44 07980 900709

Italy Director

Eduardo Giordanelli – Florence.
Tel: 39 3482631566


London Office
Slig Law
Mr Alesandro Gaglione,
Hamilton House, 1 Temple Avenue,
London EC4Y 0HA
Tel: 020 7489 2014