Aiello Project

An exciting development opportunity to create a residential holiday village. Bids open in November 2023

Aiello is a hilltop location 5 kms from Amatea, a leading South Italy holiday town.

Surrounded by rolling hills and a natural environment, Allesley Properties present an exciting opportunity for developers looking to make their mark in this increasingly popular region of “undiscovered Italy”.

The Aiello opportunity consists of 33 hectares/82 acres of land with planning in place for redevelopment of 9 areas (see the numbered locations on the map)

  1. Old houses: Approved to tear down and rebuild a house for 1 or 2 families with total extension of 180 square meters.
  2. New touristic village: to be approved. Request of 29 building plots of 700-1000 sq.meters plus services to the area.
  3. To be approved: Riding school 1000 square meters
  4. Farming land.
  5. New Village: Approved to tear down and rebuild 4 Houses with extension from 70 to 180 square meters
  6. Farming buildings: approved. Square meters 672.
  7. Shops and showroom of local products (also restaurant) Approved. Tearing down and rebuilding for 1114 square meters.
  8. Agro-touristic hotel: tear down and rebuild existent building for 1960 square meters. 3 buildings could become rooms for 52 guests + reception and restaurant.
  9. Refuge. Approved. Tear down and rebuild house for 1 or 2 families with total extension of 300 square meters.


Dr. Michelangelo Ferraro
Tel: 0039 0982972680

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