Architecure of the Villas

Particular care has been given to the choice of materials used for the floors (porcelain stoneware), to the furnishings of the bathrooms, and to the external and internal fixtures. The latter, complete with outdoor ramps, are coated with specialist coatings, to ensure durability and reduced maintenance.

The colours and materials aim at creating a relaxing and translucent environment, which communicates with nature’s light and with the sea behind the villa. The houses are equipped with a pergola, ideal for anyone who loves a pleasurable outdoor life, particularly in the evening.


  • The villas reflect the natural character of the region.
  • The tiled roofs have staggered gables, with traditional eaves.
  • The internal fixtures, complete with ramps, are specially coated, to ensure durability and reduced maintenance.
  • The base of the houses, the outside stairs and bordering walls are lined with local stone.
  • The terraces, the living area, the rooms and the bathrooms are paved with porcelain tiles. The internal staircases are marble floored.
  • The finishing of the exterior walls and of the porch columns is made with local stone, while the window frames, complete with doors, are made of painted aluminium to ensure durability and reduced maintenance.