Buying in Caparrua


Fly to Lamezia  (code SUF) or Naples airport.

Airport pick up and Hotel arrangements by Allesley Properties. Escorted to Hotel and viewing + additional tours if required from around 50Euros per night.

Flights arrive at Lamezia from London Stanstead, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris and connections from most major Italian cities

General Legals

Generally the process is not particularly difficult but terminology is different.

Completion processes are similar to UK in so far as there is a conditional offer made then an exchange or Deed of Purchase,  plus final completion contract as in UK.

Notary are used during the process as they are independent legal entities. The purchasers Solicitor will process this.

Charges are similar to UK but with different titles. Stamp duty, Lawyers fees, Notary fees etc are all similar to UK.

Allesley Properties are liable for all Agent fees


VAT is 4% for Residential use or 10% for Holiday use. It is essential for buyers to open an Italian Bank Account. The Solicitors can arrange this.

Rental Guarantee

Allesley Properties guarantee a 5% Rental Income for 3 years.


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