Your Vacations in Calabria

Have you ever thought of taking a vacation in Calabria?

Italy is one of the most sought after destinations for holidays from all around the world. The most common ideas for a vacation in Italy is a stay in Tuscany, or perhaps in Venice, or Rome: beautiful destinations, known by billions of tourists from every continent. But what about Calabria? Calabria is one of the most impressive Italian regions, with its untouched landscapes, breathtaking sea, rustic atmospheres, tranquillity, tasty local products, and welcoming people. Calabria is a land to be discovered. A treasure still hidden.

Calabria: the value of an authentic and genuine Italy. In Calabria you can find places where time seems to have stopped. Atmospheres typical of the post-war period reveal themselves in the villages and historical centres of towns such as Cetraro or Diamante: romantic, charming and folkloric. Calabria offers splendid landscapes, where nature reigns, untamed, and the equilibrium of life of its inhabitants with the earth are still alive, unchanged and rooted in tradition. A region that shows the true face of Italy, far from fleets of tourists and souvenir shops; the face of a simple and passionate country.

What to Do in Calabria

The coast of Calabria extends for 780 km, from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea. Thanks to the great variety of the beaches that Calabria has to offer, every type of requirement can be met. Do you prefer rocks or fine sand? Do you want to take a break in the hidden coves or do you prefer bathing establishments? In Calabria there is everything!

Among the best beaches of Calabria, overlooking the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian sea, there are Cetraro, Nicotera, lace, Capo Vaticano Tropea, Scilla, Soverato, Diamante… Just to name a few.

Plenty of opportunities for fun and water sports, such as diving, surfing, catamaran sailing, or mountain biking, golfing, horseback riding, mountain hiking and skiing.

Castles in Calabria

Castle of Belvedere Marittimo: it is a 15th century fortress, built by Ruggero the Norman, 20 km from Caparrua. The castle is located within the city walls of the historic centre of Belvedere, in the highest panoramic spot of the town, overlooking the sea on one side and the Apennines on the other. Its drawbridge, with a particular crowning on its bastion, is simply interesting to see.

Castle of Guardia Piemontese: this is a cylindrical tower located at Guardia Piemontese, 10 km from Caparrua. Also called Watchtower of Guardia Piemontese, it was built around the year 1000 A.D. to defend from the raids of the Saracen ships.

Castle of the Valle a Fiume Freddo Bruzio: 38 km from Caparrua, it was erected in 1300 A.D. and was part of the feud of Fiumefreddo, which in 1531 was donated by Charles V of Hapsburg to the Marquis Ferdinando d’Alarcon de Mendoza. Lately, Fiumefreddo Bruzio has been, for many years, the home of the famous artist Salvatore Fiume, who painted the Room of Wishes, of the Castle of the Valle in 1996.

Svevo Castle of Cosenza: 60 km from Caparrua, recently restructured. It is the main monument of the city, built in 937 A.D.
Towns to visit. Among the historical towns to visit in Calabria, there are the historic centre of Cetraro, Belvedere, Fiume Freddo and Paola, with its sanctuary of San Francesco, 18 km from Caparrua. San Francesco di Paola is the patron saint of Calabria, protector of fishermen. 2016 is the year of the festivities for the 600 years from its birth. The Prefecture City of Cosenza is around a 45 minute drive.

A ‘Genuine’ Land, Waiting to Be Discovered

The historic centre of Cetraro is rich in alleys, arches and charming views.

Walking through the narrow streets of the centre is to immerse yourself in an authentic Southern Italian atmosphere, rich in folklore.

A land full of hidden treasures, such as the sanctuary on top of Monte Serra or the Lunigiane Spa, just 5 km from Cetraro; pleasantly liveable, with its warm Mediterranean climate in summer and mild winters, this is a place of unique human warmth, due to the local people who open their hearts to their guests, making them want to stay forever.

The winter ski resorts of Lorica, Camigliatello and Sila National Park are less than 2 hours drive away.

The Sila. 75 km from Caparrua is the Sila plateau, just a 1 hour trip through the freeway. At an altitude of 1300-1500 meters, it includes the National Park of the Sila, one of the major parks in Italy. There are thousand-years-old trees, like the Pino Loricato and the Giants of the Sila, 2 Lakes – Lake Arvo and Lake Ampollino – and 2 ski resorts of recent construction: Camigliatello and Lorica. Staying at Cetraro means being able to spend days among the mountain and sea, without having to move too much. Ski lessons in the morning and sailing in the afternoon. Not bad, right?

The Terme Luigiane of Guardia Piemontese and Acquappesa. These are the most important spa in Calabria, the second in Europe for the high quality of the sulphurous waters, effective for the treatment of rheumatism, arthrosis, respiratory, skin and gynaecological diseases. The fame of their healing power is spread over the centuries: they were mentioned by Pliny the Elder (writer and admiral of Roman age) and even from San Francesco di Paola, in the XV century.

Traditional Cuisine of Calabria

In Calabria there are many gastronomic traditions, rooted over centuries, originating from various peoples who have inhabited the region: Greeks, Normans, Arabs and so on.

The cuisine is characterized by flavours, colours and smells, which act as legacy of these dominations. Calabria is famous throughout the world for the excellence of its traditional products: vegetables, cheese, spices and wines.

Ever tried the spicy pepper of Calabria? And the dried tomatoes, the famous Tropea red onion, and the ‘Nduja? You will not be able to do without the Pecorino cheese, and you can taste more than 10 DOC wines and a large variety of herbs liquors. And still, ice cream, slushes, fresh fish and the mushrooms of Sila… Calabria is like its cuisine: from the sea to the mountains, with all of the Mediterranean flavours.

The fruits and delicacies of Calabria are famous all over the world. Cedars, peppers, onions and red, juicy tomatoes are the pride of Calabria!

The Cedar DOC, found only in Calabria, around Cetraro, produce many wines as well as delicate cedar-based liquors, black liquors known as “Nocini” and liquorice-flavoured liquors.Typical dishes include supremely tasty anchovies from Cetraro and the unmissable red pepper: the best variety in Italy can be found in the nearby town of Diamante, which hosts the pepper Academy and market.

A Quiet Retreat Overlooking the Sea

The silence, peace and serenity that can be felt in Caparrua and in the surrounding countryside is priceless.

Here souls rest and bodies are revitalized, nourished by the genuine fruits of the earth and by the incomparable views of an extremely varied landscape, with its mountains rich with Mediterranean vegetation spilling right into the sea.

Living on this land means constantly facing breath-taking views: from Caparrua the view stretches to the horizon, where the blue of the sea merges with that of the sky.

Turning your head a little reveals a completely different scenery: the imposing Monte Serra Sanctuary, with its lush forests, painted in many shades of green.

You’ll believe it when you see it: on leaving Cetraro you’ll be hit by a longing to return.

You’ll be coming back to Calabria!

Relax, Luxury, and Fun, at Hand With Your Villa in Caparrua.

Caparrua is a hamlet perched above the town of Cetraro itself a small town located in the heart of Calabria within the Prefecture of Cosenza.

This area offers everything you need: the mountains and the sea are the perfect inspiration for activities such as hiking or sailing, while towns like Cetraro and Diamante offer restaurants and plenty of night-time entertainment.

The elegant Hotel San Michele, which has hosted celebrities such as Sophia Loren, is just minutes from the villas and offers a beautiful golf course overlooking the sea, perfect for days of fun and relaxing, and amazing panoramic terraces for meetings or cocktails with friends.

The port of Cetraro, the largest within 200 km, is located at the foot of the Caparrua villas, it is perfectly equipped and hosts up to 600 boats. Owners of large and magnificent boats have already bought their villa in Cetraro, which serves as a strategic launch point for Mediterranean trips, with the Aeolian islands just a few km away.

The beach, the Sanctuary of hilltop Monte Serra and country roads lined with cattle and wild horses are the ideal location for long, relaxing, scenic walks or horse riding, whether strolling in the tranquility of the orchards or through the sweet smells of the woods, enjoying the wilderness of nature at its best.

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