Your Villa in Calabria

Magnificent Tuscan designed Luxury Villas built on a hillside overlooking the beautiful Tyrrhenian sea.

The villas of Caparrua are an affordable luxury in a genuine part of Italy, well serviced from every point of view: transport, services, facilities and wellness for the tourist.

Calabria is, for a short time still, an unexplored opportunity in the international real estate market. Owning a villa in Calabria means enjoying an untouched paradise in which to take refuge at any time to find peace, tranquillity, fun, and a genuine Italian welcome.

A ready at hand stay in Calabria ensures wellness and relaxation: a silence that reconciles contact with nature; a varied and suggestive landscape that rests the eyes and heals the soul; an exceptional sea, lush mountains, and many opportunities for recreation and fun for all ages.

Top: The Caparrua Site
Below: Lower Villa Detail

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