House details  


Equivalent Square Meters(Number of SQM for Tax purposes in Italy):210
  • Villa Sq. Metres:145
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • SQM Garden: 345
  • Terrace and Porches sq. meters: 23
  • No. of Parking Spaces: 2
  • Accessories: Outdoor shower
  • £210,000

  • Villa il Leccio B

    Positioned along a panoramic hillside, it is built on an ancient colonial house. The structure is rectangular shaped, built on two floors and a porch on the left side; it can be accessed through the house's private parking area.


    The entrance, located under the porch, gives access to the wide living and dining room, to the kitchen area, and to the bedroom. The latter can also be used as an office or play room. At the upper floor, the corridor connecting the two rooms leads to a lodge overlooking the sea and the ancient centre of Cetraro. The outdoor areas adjacent to the building include paved and garden areas, with scented bushes, floral vines, and a wide grove. The low walls encircling the land plot are clad in stone, and can be used for pleasurable sittings.


    The villa reflects the natural character of the region. The tiled roof covering is gabled with two eaves; the portico area consists of a wooden structure, complete with roof tiles. The floor is made of a mixed structure of concrete and exposed, wooden beams. The finishing of the exterior walls is in lime plaster; the window frames, complete with doors, are made of painted aluminium to ensure durability and reduced maintenance. The columns of the porch are clad in local stone. The living area, the rooms and the bathrooms are paved with porcelain tiles;  the internal staircase is marble-floored.   The colours and materials aim at creating a relaxing and translucent environment, which communicates with nature’s light and with the sea behind the villa.